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Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

11.6 By 2030 , reduce the adverse per capita environmental impact of cities, including by paying special attention to air quality and municipal and other waste management.

11.6.1 Amount of urban solid waste regularly collected and with adequate final discharge.

11.6.2 Percentage of the deduction plastic bag used.

11.6.3 Percentage of the solid wasted segregate by technical guidance.

11.6.4 The number of sites monitored by the air quality on the parameter is the annual average of the parameters of CO, NO2, SO2, TSP, PM2.5 and PM10.


Start a car-pooling system online, internally in the office, or in areas that don’t have access to reliable public transport. 1
Generate awareness about your city’s carbon footprint and ways to improve it. 2
Advocate and support the development of sport and recreational spaces. They help build stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities. 3
Use public transport, city bikes and other modes of environmentally friendly transport. 4
Research, encourage and raise awareness for greater information transparency within your community. 5
Reach out to underprivileged areas. Integrate people of different class and ethnicity and include them in decision-making processes that involve them, including their living conditions, pollution and so on. 6
Provide reduced fees on public transport in cities that face the challenge of congestion. 7
Educate yourself on the cultural and natural heritage of your area. Visit heritage sites and post about these in a positive light. 8
Gather in small community groups to brainstorm ways to ensure safe and accessible public spaces especially for women, children, elderly people and people with disabilities. 9
As a company, offer reduced fees on city bicycle hire. 10

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