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Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

12.4 By 2020, achieve the environmentally sound management of chemicals and all wastes throughout their life cycle, in accordance with agreed international frameworks, and significantly reduce their release to air, water and soil in order to minimize their adverse impacts on human health and the environment.

12.5 By 2030, substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse.

12.4.1 Percentage of release reduction of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) to the environment.

12.4.2 Percentage of release reduction of mercury (Hg) to the environment.

12.4.3. Percentage of effectiveness management of hazardous waste and biological and radioactive waste​​.

12.5.1 National recycling of material used.

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Get everyone involved. Have a classroom do regular outreach day trips to areas in need. 1
At birthday parties offer the option to donate money to your chosen charity in replacement of a birthday gift. 2
Buy fair-trade products to support the sustainable trade system, meaning employees are rewarded fairly for their work. 3
Teach a skill or short course at a community centre (computer skills, building a resume, preparing for job interviews, etc.) 4
Buy clothing or other products from stores that donate a portion of their money to charities. 5
Sponsor a child so they can have access to food, education, and health. 6
Clean out your pantry. Fill a box with non-perishable foods and donate it to a food bank. 7
Generate discussion around poverty. Write a blog, or write an article in a local newspaper. 8
Volunteer in homeless shelters. Your time can be more valuable than money. 9
If possible, give to every beggar on the street. An apple, a bottle of water, small change or even just a smile are better than not giving at all. 10

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